Super 30 (Girls) Residential programme

Daswani provides you with a top-notch residential coaching program for Girls that gets students ready for intense study sessions so they can ace tests like the JEE and the NEET. We started this program with the express intention of giving you a supportive classroom atmosphere so you may form a habit of concentrated learning and move forward on the road to success for the duration of your academic career. The goal of a residential coaching program is to provide a supportive and immersive environment for individuals to achieve their personal goals and make lasting changes in their lives.

Single occupancy Rooms

In a coaching institute, single occupancy rooms are private study spaces for individual students, providing them with focused learning environments. These rooms are equipped with a desk and suitable facilities to optimize the learning experience.

Sanitized, secured and Smart Classrooms

"Sanitized, secured, and smart classrooms" refer to learning environments that are clean, safe, and technologically advanced. These classrooms are equipped with modern technology for enhanced learning experiences, while also being well-maintained and secure for students.

Self-study area

A "self-study area" is a designated space for individual study and research, facilitating quiet and focused learning outside of traditional classrooms or libraries.

Doubt solving Areas

"Doubt solving areas" are spaces in educational institutions or study environments where students can seek assistance and clarification on academic questions and challenges. These areas are designed to provide support and guidance for resolving uncertainties or difficulties in their coursework.

Recreational Activity Area

A "recreational activity area" is a designated space where individuals can engage in leisure and entertainment activities, such as games, sports, or hobbies, to relax and unwind. These areas are designed to promote physical and mental well-being through recreational pursuits.