( Class 9 to 12)

Introducing our innovative 4-year integrated course, tailored to the latest educational guidelines outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Designed to provide a seamless journey from Class 9 to 12, our program is committed to nurturing excellence and success for aspiring NEET and JEE candidates.

Key Highlights:

Comprehensive 4-year program: Our integrated course spans Classes 9 to 12, ensuring that students receive consistent and structured guidance throughout their crucial years of preparation.

Limited Seats: To ensure individualized attention and a focused learning environment, we maintain a small class size with a maximum capacity of 30 seats.

English Medium: Our course is conducted exclusively in English, empowering students with a strong command of the language, a crucial asset in competitive exams.

Exceptional Faculty: Our dedicated faculty members, hailing from the renowned coaching hub of Kota, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to guide students through NEET and JEE preparation.

NEET and JEE Focus: Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover the entire syllabus of both NEET and JEE exams, with regular mock tests, problem-solving sessions, and doubt-clearing classes to help students excel.

4-Year Duration: We understand that success in these highly competitive exams requires time, effort, and dedication. Our four-year program ensures that students have ample time to grasp concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and build a strong foundation.

Join us on this educational journey, where we’re committed to turning aspirations into achievements. Our 4-year integrated course is the path to realizing your dreams of securing a successful future in the field of medicine or engineering.

Our innovative 4-year integrated course not only aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 but also ensures students receive a holistic education. With a limited class size, our students benefit from personalized attention, and our emphasis on English medium instruction equips them with a valuable language skillset. Our experienced faculty from Kota’s coaching hub and a well-rounded curriculum, covering both NEET and JEE, offer students the ideal platform to excel. The extended four-year duration gives students the time they need to develop a robust understanding of their subjects, problem-solving abilities, and the confidence to excel in these competitive exams, making this program a promising avenue for aspiring medical and engineering students.

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