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Respected parents and my dear students,
As the Director of our distinguished coaching institute exclusively dedicated to NEET and JEE in Nagaon, I am privileged to spearhead an institution that is more than just a place of learning—it is the birthplace of dreams, the crucible of ambitions, and the sanctuary for future doctors and engineers. With unwavering passion and dedication, I stand as the guiding force behind this institution's mission to shape young minds into future leaders of the Medical and Engineering world. A profound enthusiasm for the subjects, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and the unflinching belief that success can be accomplished are all necessary for achieving excellence in NEET and JEE exams.
I had to deal with the challenges of not having adequate coaching facilities during my years of education in Nagaon, and I came to the profound realisation that subsequent generations would also experience these difficulties. The idea of a fully functional coaching institute catering to the goals of engineering and medicine was compelling at that moment. However, putting the entire plan into action requires a great deal of sacrifice, strenuous effort, and of course, a passionate and committed team of experts. I began in a single room with a small team of four to five faculty members. Numerous people have praised me, laughed at me, and asked me to stop what I was doing, which has of course shaken my confidence at times. However, my students have always encouraged me and shown me that positivity, which has allowed me to get to the point where I am completely comfortable and determined to put in twice as much effort to meet my students' expectations so they can score great scores in NEET and JEE.
In a world where NEET and JEE exams hold the key to a prosperous future in medicine and engineering, our coaching institute, under my passionate and dedicated leadership, has emerged as a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring doctors and engineers. My mission as the Director is not merely about securing admissions to top medical and engineering colleges; it's about inspiring young minds to embark on a transformative journey towards excellence. I'm pleased to use the word "transformative" because NAGAON previously had a conventional education system. However, DASWANI has implemented an "Integrated" system that has proven successful in other parts of the nation, benefiting our students by minimising the need of having to leave their hometown and allowing them to tolerate all the inconveniences of living in a new location for coaching.
With an eye towards the future, my leadership and vision will keep moulding lives. Our students' aspirations will be fueled by my passion, and they will receive the unwavering support they need from me to realise their dreams and to live that dream. It is an honour to guide this organization towards a better, more prosperous future; being at the Director's Desk is more than just a job.
Together, with the help of our parents, our outstanding faculty, and our students' unwavering dedication, we will continue to succeed and break records in the NEET and JEE coaching sector.

Dr.Pranjal Kumar Borah

Managing Director & HoD Physics Ph.D,M.Sc.(Phy),M.Sc (Che) 

Daswani Nagaon, Assam



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Dr Prajal Kumar Borah

Director & HoD Physics
Ph.D,M.Sc.(Phy),M.Sc (Che)

From : Nagaon (ASSAM)

#14+ years Experience 


C.S, Banoria

HOD Chemistry

From: Kota (Rajasthan). M.Sc.  Organic Chemistry (Jiwaji University). #25 Years Experience.


Amar Shankar Kumar.

HOD Biology

From: Kota, (Rajasthan). M.Sc. (P.U).

#19 Years Experience

Sant Amarjeet

Sant Amarjeet

Maths Faculty


MsC. Magadh University.

#20 Years Experience.


Er. Ranjeet Kumar

Physics Faculty

From Patna,Bihar

B. Tech (Electrical Engineering)

Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur

#8 Years Experience


Arjun Kumar Singh

Chemistry Faculty

From Patna,Bihar

M.Sc Chemistry(LNMU)

#10 Years Experience